Saturday Threesome! Joaquin Arrenas, Mael Gauthier & Hoyt Kogan

We are only 1/3 HUNGarian in today's 3way with Hoyt, Joaquin, and Mael, but it certainly the biggest 3rd in the scene. Hoyt has repeatedly proven himself to be one of the most accomplished lovers that we have on our roster: Gently dominant but never overbearing, aware of his own beauty but always appreciative of the beauty in his partners, gentle, intense and sensual. In this scene, he puts all of...


Nino Valens & Tom Pollock

Although it does not happen all that often, it is always a pleasure to watch HUNGarian Nino Valens topping. Today we have a partner that is quite physically different (apart from the similarities of being good looking with great bodies). Tom is as fair as Nino is dark, muscled as Nino is slim, but the combination works out very well. Both boys are eager and passionate lovers and there is an intens...


Torsten Ullman & James Walsh

Following up on James's photo session last week we have his first scene for this special with our resident Czech beauty, Torsten Ullman. Today's episode is an exercise in seduction by fruit. For some reason, Torsten believes that the way to get into James' pants is via bananas and strawberries, but, luckily for us, it is pretty evident that James' appetite is definitely for something a lot meatier...


Eddie Moore

We need to admit here that we have been saving some of our hottest HUNGarians for a while to make this summer extra special. We met Eddie a few years ago when you all gave him a thumbs up in his casting. Today we have him back as our model of the week. Eddie has a very 'Jock-ish' physique and a nice fat cock and seems totally at ease as Eliot puts him through his paces here today.(Source: belamion...


Enrique Vera & Derek Caravaggio

Longfellow was right, Into each life some rain must fall, so why not make the best of it? The cherries shared between Enrique and Derek at the start of this episode show this was a summer scene. It was filmed in a Budapest Apartment by Marty Stevens. Enrique wants to head out to see some of the city but there is an approaching thunderstorm. Inclement weather oddly makes Derek horny and he would ra...