Saturday Special: Orri Aasen & Jim Durden Part 2

>There is nothing better than a romantic shower to cool down after some torrid love making, but for our horny couple today it just inspires them into round 2 of the encounter where Jim Durden gets to take control of Orri's ass and use it however he want. Luckily it is exactly how Orri wants his ass to be used, and in fact is begging Jim to start right there in the shower. When it comes to fucking,...


Felix Gaul & Bobby Noiret

This Tuesday we have a little bit of an older scene with Felix Gaul And Bobby Noiret. Both of the guys here are at their absolute cutest, both physically and in mood as well. Before the action begins we start with a little revealing interview shower that sets the mood for the rest of the clip. While both boys are on the quiet/shy side of the spectrum it on ly enhances the overall feel of this clip...


Hayden Nykvist

Since we are running both our Sex Safari and Summer Loves series as well as a Freshmen feature each month it is getting harder to find a place for the growing queue of hot guys we have coming your way. The much sought after 'model of the week' spot this week goes to Hayden Nykvist. This set of pictures was taken a couple of years ago and is the only think of Hayden left that we have to give you. ...


Orri Aasen & Jim Durden Part 1

So we have to admit, right from the beginning, that we didn't hire Orri or Helmut for their acting skills, but we do thank them for their efforts in providing us with and intro for our special this week; a 2 day flipflop between Orri and Jim Durden. Once you have survived the intro, the sex here is excellent. Both Jim and Orri can be relied on to be always horny and always happy to fuck, so when...


Helmut with Jerome & Benny

What a way to say, “Welcome to Freshmen”. To be paired with both Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery for your first scene? Wow. This is what Lady Luck blessed Benny Saverin with. Our size-queen-in-chief, GD, let slip the fact that our eager Freshmen has a very nice dick which set the competitive friends fighting over who gets to bottom for him. They fell back on the usual “rock, paper, scissors” and ...