Saturday Special! Bart Cuban And Jeroen Mondrian

Sometime, even at BelAmi, work gets in the way of personal desires. We recently had a production in Budapest where Jeroen was one of the models, and he developed a big crush on HUNGarian newcomer Bart Cuban.Unfortunately for Jeroen, both his and Bart's schedules meant that he had no time to act on his attraction there, so he invited Bart to come to Prague for a few days. Bart is a very cute guy: d...


Kian O'connor & Jon Kael

Next in our line up of fresh HUNGarians is the beautiful Kian O'Connor. Judging by all of your comments so far, Kian seems to be the favorite of our new batch of Hungarians since he debut here last year.Today we have paired him up with the very experienced Jon Kael in what promises to be another great scene. Jon is the bottom here in this scene and it does not take long before Kian's fat cock has ...


Yuri Alpatow & Jason Bacall

Our favorite ginger HUNGarian is back today for a romantic evening encounter with Jason Bacall. Yuri Alpatow has gained quite a few fans during the 4 years he has been on BelAmiOnline.com , and we hope that this scene will add a few more admirers to the club. We all know that Jason is a very talented and energetic top, but in this scene he shows us his other side; as a romantic and loving bottom.(...


Kris Evans

Our HUNGarian special could not be complete without a photo special of super star Kris Evans. The one we chose for the occasion was taken during our excursion to Australia and comes from the seaside town of Byron Bay and was taken by Dylan Rosser.Although Kris was quite into body building already at this time, he is still quite a bit smaller than he would go on to become. To spice the set up a bit...


Matthieu Pique & Nate Donaghy

In BelAmi Land, being a sleepyhead can lead to getting head. Had Matthieu not slept in, his angelic countenance might not have captured the attention of the sexy Nate Donaghy. Matthieu's slow start in the day is reflective of his time with us and explains why he didn't have a proper porn name when this was filmed. Over his first six months, the number of scenes he filmed was so sparse that we didn...