Timothy Blue

Timothy Blue is a rare red rose in the gardens of Castello KinkyAngelo. You’ve seen him blossom in scenes with Pip, Jim and Justin and we’re happy to inform you that you’ll see him back again with Giulio Pasolini. Get to know him more as he chats with George Duroy.(Source: freshmen.net)...


Olaf Mortensen & Bruce Querelle

Olaf Mortensen returns for his 2nd introductory scene on Freshmen this time partnered with the very sexy Bruce Querelle. This opening filled with sun and water is a familiar one. What’s unusual is the location. Normally openings like this are filmed in South Africa or Greece. Today our “tropical” swimming place is a popular location located just outside of Bratislava. While a good introduct...


Giulio Pasolini & Bastian Dufy

The day is at hand! Giulio Pasolini makes his official debut! Those who have had the pleasure of speaking to him at BelAmiChat know that he is very cute with the ability to get along with everyone. These traits came in well partnered with Bastian who often overwhelms newbies with his forwardness. Where Bastian’s enthusiasm makes others nervous it makes Giulio horny as he brings us one of the ...


Jason Bacall & Fabian Jacq

Why Jason introduced this clip as a “training scene” is a mystery as Fabien had already been with us 18 months when this scene was filmed - far from a newbie. You will note the easy-going familiarity they have with each other’s bodies. This is due to the two boys being friends in real life and have undoubtably already hooked up in private. While Jason has developed into a jock, Fabien maintains h...


Jean-Luc Bisset & Hoyt Kogan

The one trait that Hungarian Jean-Luc and Hoyt - who is of the Czech Republic - don’t share is a common language. They both possess super-model good looks and are thus confident in their abilities to turn on their partners. Hoyt prefers to be dominant in his sexual relations and Jean-Luc is turned on by confident guys. Their commonalities make for an A + encounter with intense and sensual action t...