Hans Lagerfeld

Fortunately, Kevin exhibits the same energy and enthusiasm for interviewing and filming our Freshmen cuties as he does for fucking them. Kevin’s persistence is why his interviews have been nearly as revelatory as the solos afterwards. Let’s see how Hans Lagerfield holds up against the dogged questioning of our intrepid on-set reporter.(Source: freshmen.net)...


Mael Gauthier & Serge Cavalli

Our BootCamp series continues with Serge Cavalli and Mael Gauthier. In this installment we learn Serge’s thus far successful tactic for fucking all the cute guys- asking his buddies to tell him their techniques.This tactic works this time as well, though his enthusiasm almost scares poor Mael off. Fortunately, Serge gets it all sorted out with the help of a translator. It helps that Mael has want...


Jeff Mirren & Pascal Mauri

Czech/Hungarian pairings is the theme for this edition of BootCamp as we pair Jeff Mirren and Pascal Mauri. Over-eager boys are also the theme as Pascal can’t even unpack upon arriving when Jeff decides that first in, first fucked is the policy and drags him off somewhere private to make love. We truly expected to see cock-loving Jeff as the bottom in this scene today. We were pleasantly surprised...


Freshman Olaf Mortensen

We’re very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our team today, Olaf Mortensen. Olaf is blond, built and hung. He has a nearly perfect bubble butt and is eager to make an impression on all of us. Olaf will return next month for his debut scene with Jon Kael....(Source: freshmen.net)...


Jarrod Lanvin & Bruce Querrelle

For those of you who don’t click on this site to watch the boys discuss long-term investment strategy, we return to a more familiar scene opening: playfighting with Liam, Jason and Kevin. We invest a lot decorating the boy’s apartments.We wonder why we bother as they’re amused by the simplest things. Of course, their favorite “hobby” is fucking. So, when the hijinks our over, and the adrenaline is...