Happy Valentine's Day BelAmi!

This week we continue our flood of 5 star scenes at BelAmiOnline. In addition, we are celebrating Valentine's Day with a special offer where between now and Monday we are giving away 2 sites for the price of 1! Get full access to Freshmen for the price of a BelAmi membership! (Source: belamionline.com)...


SATURDAY SPECIAL: Nils Tatum & Torsten Ullman

It is a bonanza of blond today as we join Nils and Torsten on location in Cape Town for this steamy encounter. Our scene today is a little like a National Geographic special as our cameraman roams around the house, observing the boys as they go through their morning rituals. Hoyt, as usual, is promising to never cheat on Christian again, Helmut and Jerome are their usual exuberant selves, Antony i...


Jamie Durrell & Orri Aasen

It's home video time again and this week we have the delightful Orri Aasen and the youthful Jamie Durrell here to give cameraman Kevin Warhol a bit of a show. On his way to this shoot Jamie injured his leg. Things were not so bad so he decided he would go through with the scene and see if Orri's dick up his ass wouldn't take his mind off his injuries for a while. This may be a bit of a quick fuck,...


Jeff Mirren & Ryan McKenna

Guest photographer Benno Thoma is back with us today for our Art Collection set of images with Jeff Mirren and Ryan McKenna. Benno has chosen to split this set into 2 scenarios, the first a 'selfie' session in bed, and then a more stgriking and artistic outdoor session. Either way, both guys look great and we think Benno has done a superb job here.This Africa series varies a bit on previous ones,...


Rhys Jagger & Pip Caulfield

Rhys is of 2 minds today: to shave or not to shave, in the end he decides that if he doesn't shave he looks like a sexy Daddy type and will have a better chance at picking up one of the younger guys on this Sex Safari production. His decision seems to be the right one when he tries out the new look on Pip Caulfield, who has been left to his own devices for the day.Pip's reaction to Rhys' new look ...