SATURDAY SPECIAL: Jack Harrer & Yannis Paluan

We're leaving our Summer Break boys today for the next installment of Kevin and Jack's movie project. I think that we can pretty much guess that the theme of the movie is, more or less, let's fuck everyone we can find, but today Kevin has really scored well for Jack in hooking a fresh newbie, Yannis Paluan. (Source: belamionline.com)...


Ronny Lamarr & Bjorn Nykvist

You can tell it is changing of the guards time on the set with the boys. For years Adam and Andre would never conceded a boy like Bjorn into the hands of Ronny, but today they give up with almost no fight at all. Hopefully they will find some easier prey elsewhere today, but for now we get to join Ronny as he takes full advantage of his prize catch, pounding on his g-spot (or should we call it p-s...


Roald Ekberg

Whenever our Summer Break photo session are taken by Eliot we can be assured that he filmed a jerk off video to go along with it, and that is certainly the case today when we invited Roald back to Castello KInkyAngelo for this photo shoot. Given the seclusion and privacy of the location we don't have to worry about coming back inside when we are shooting at the chateau, so Johan suggest that we ha...


Jason Bacall & Enrique Vera

It may seem that we have a lot of Jason at the moment, but it is just a happy coincidence that he was a part of all the major projects that we are screening right now. Today we carry on with our Summer Loves series filmed on location at Castello KinkyAngelo just outside of Prague.You may remember during Summer Break, Joel was learning to play the ukulele. He is here today to show us that he has p...


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